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Filesize: 26.94 MB
Submitter: Navigator
Author: Leonardo Andrade
Version: 1.0
Downloads: 6221
Views: 29948
Rating: Avg. User Rating: 8.98639  with 147 votes
Math, physics and airplanes. Featuring a 50's-style VO narration.

29-January-2006 10:19 pm
Username: RedbullFX
Comment: One more thing. Can anyone tell me where can i get that effect when the plane is taking off and the runway is wet and its raining. That jet blast ..Behind the engines.I dont know how to explain it.But when you power up..the engines push all that water behind you and it creates this PUFF cloud..???? Anyone.. Thanks RedbullFX
29-January-2006 10:17 pm
Username: RedbullFX
Comment: OK first of all..this is a nice video. One of the best i have seen...Good work was put into this...I like it... Good Job.....RedbullFX
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