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Downloads Home > Aircraft Models > Military > Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon (VIPER)

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Filesize: 15.27 MB
Submitter: Jon
Author: Kirk Olsson
Downloads: 69550
Views: 64933
Rating: Avg. User Rating: 8.09756  with 82 votes
Beautifully & accurately modeled GMAX F-16.

The panel for this aircraft can be found here in the Panels section.

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2-November-2006 9:35 am
Username: colin002
Comment: This plane doesn't support FSX. I know you say yes to error and stuff, but the model doesn't even show up. So, Non-FSX.
16-June-2006 2:37 am
Username: Guest User
Comment: Wow some people are dumbasses, YES some USAF aircraft have tailhooks, its a safety measure incase the brakes fail or a takeoff has to be aborted and the plane doesnt have time to stop using the brakes, the F-16 F-15 and f-117a all have hooks do some reasearch before you talk about something you dont know anything about, and also you cant shoot missles in FS2004 (some models may but i dont know of any) if you want a realistic jet combat sim pickup Lock-on:Modern air combat, BTW its a great model keep it up
19-April-2006 1:34 pm
Username: Guest User
Comment: Great plane so far....I can get all the views except the main cockpit view? All I get is a black screen with some gauges which I can shrink down to uncover the runway. Any suggestions? Tried everything. mail to hoveyhall@aol.com Thanks.
2-April-2006 9:48 pm
Username: Guest User
Comment: Could someone please tell me how to shoot the missles/drop bombs? I havent figured it out...and I dont have a joystick. Do you have to have one?
13-February-2006 3:08 pm
Username: adster
Comment: soz i ain't talkin about the aircraft (its Brill!!!) but guys u need 2 get this thing called flight sim manager and from that u can install the planes u downloaded (planes folders hav 2 be extracted!!! its so good and easy
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