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Downloads Home > Videos > Flight and Concorde Tribute part 2

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Filesize: 34.32 MB
Submitter: musashi
Downloads: 328
Views: 5817
Rating: Avg. User Rating: 9.55238  with 105 votes
See "part 1" download for explanations, plz...

22-March-2007 4:49 am
Username: musashi
Comment: Thx very much, TPV.71 and Navigator. Yes, I'm a pro music composer, which just means I don't earn enough money with that job... : ] ... Well...for Flyhalf...sorry, but better 2 times than 0 !! Here a link to non-compressed file (right-click) : http://gsiu.free.fr/FlightTribute100.wmv And of course, I say it in french, "bravo et merci" for your works which make me a FS-video-lover ! PS: I must also apologize for my very good french...: ]...
21-March-2007 1:10 pm
Username: Navigator
Comment: Awesome video! Very nice music, are you a professional composer? Nice integration of real/FS footage as well! Thanks for the mentioning. Just a note: Flyhalf and Max Kraus are the same person. :) hehe
18-March-2007 6:33 am
Username: musashi
Comment: Thx all for your very nice comments !!
18-March-2007 6:29 am
Username: Moonmoon
Comment: It's a very, very nice work, an exceptional and amazing music.
18-March-2007 4:06 am
Username: Naami
Comment: WOW! just speechless.... THERE IS A NEW DUDE IN THE SCENE!
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