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Filesize: 25.1 MB
Submitter: kewlceo
Author: Dan Steph
Downloads: 7467
Views: 14644
Rating: Avg. User Rating: 8.36667  with 30 votes
FsPassengers 2004 is an add-on for Flight Simulator 2004 that will completely revolutionize the way you fly in Fs2004. Here are just some of the features of FsPassengers 2004: Add passengers to your flights! Finally, you're not alone in the sky. Passengers react to how you fly your plane. Hear them scream if you make drastic mistakes, and get their opinion of your flight in real time. Provide in-flight passenger services such as movies, music, and drinks.

Make money for successful flights; be fined if you do something wrong. Manage an airline (make money, manage aircraft fleets, etc). Maintain your aircraft in good condition, otherwise you may experience unique and suprising failures. Create and maintain pilot careers. Keep detailed logs and statistics for every flight you make (great for virtual airlines). Fly through dangerous parts of the world, and risk the safety of your plane, crew, or passengers! Export your flight to your Virtual Airline.

This add-on includes more than 200 in-flight sounds to immerse you in the ambiance of flight. Hear feedback from your co-pilot, flight attendants, passengers; listen to ATC chatter, music, GPWS, and more. All screens and reports work in full screen. No need to quit FS.

16-August-2006 3:04 pm
Username: yoyoyo7
Comment: This demo is so rad!!!
6-November-2005 9:57 pm
Username: Guest User
Comment: Thsi addon is the best its a demo but it works just fine makeing FS2004 MORE REAL! if you love FS2004 and have a good fast PC GET THIS IT WORKS!!!
3-November-2005 3:46 pm
Username: Guest User
Comment: after you download it. in what folder do you put it , aircraft, add ons?
27-September-2005 6:02 am
Username: Guest User
Comment: so how close is this to FsMaintenance in regards to managing everything? i liked FSM because it would let you know what you were doing right and wrong. showed stats on landings, costs for repairs etc. is this close in that way?
25-September-2005 11:21 am
Username: sr71
Comment: Is this the real thing? or a demo i guess ill find out soon enough
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