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Filesize: 12 MB
Submitter: Katahu
Author: Jessy Corrales
Downloads: 872
Views: 5528
Rating: Avg. User Rating: 7.83333  with 6 votes
Introducing the 1978 Chevy Corvette for FS2004. Included texture sets are the Indy 500 Pace Car Edition, Silver Edition, SimViation Edition, #42 Race car, Red, Blue, and Vanilla-Brown. This addon is in response to all the new sceneries that now incorporate high-detail objects that can best be viewed on the ground. I know several sceneries that can fit well with this car. Guam, Acapulca International, Free Flow Ultimate Florida, Princes Int'l, etc. Most of the good sceneries can be found at the SimViation website. Others at the AvSim website.

Since this car is made for drag racing, try competing against your friends online. Note: Don't compete against a jet with this car, or you'll lose. Use the included Timer to see how well you do in circuit races as well. And finally, source textures [bmp format] are included for all you repainters out there. Full-Model Dynamic Virtual Cockpit, Full animation, Alpha Channels. "My-First" Dynamics, Panel, Textures, Visual model, and animations made by Jessy Corrales.

Car gauges borrowed from the Ferrari [they look better on a Chevy]. SuperTimer gauge included and made by Glenn Copeland. Sound files made by Richie. ***Read the Credit file for information regarding the authors and new distribution limits imposed on this package*** Other than that, have fun and um... oh yes, don't scratch the finish. ;)


19-May-2006 9:53 pm
Username: Katahu
Comment: Forgive me. I forgot to log in before posting the last comment. The last comment was written by me. *rolls eye*
19-May-2006 9:51 pm
Username: Guest User
Comment: The jumping-up-and-down part is one of the downsides of making a car behaive like a car in a "flight" sim. After the Ferrari [my previous project] was completed I decided to make the dynamics of the Chevy on my own rather than seek help on it. Thus the flaws became apparent. But at least I'm learning. ;)
18-May-2006 9:37 pm
Username: Guest User
Comment: Oh yeah and I forgot, Whenever I select this car it just jumps up from the runway and does all kinds of moves and dances in the sky. The driver's head's texture is kinda large, and I Adam Murphy, runs a Sick Creations site where I mkeep all my vehicles for Fs to! Go check it out: www.freewebs.com/sickcreations27
18-May-2006 9:33 pm
Username: Guest User
Comment: Yeah baby, a vette' for FS! Heeeeeeeeee-haaaaaaaaaaah!! But the sound is kind of off the scale ere' b'ys! She doesn't sound like no big block to me! V-8 b'ys not a car starter motor. Jessy C orales should get a new name, Jesse James! West Coast Choppers! Nice vehicle!
29-April-2006 4:11 am
Username: Guest User
Comment: i havent dowloaded it yet but can sum1 plz tell me if u can drive it or sumthin' Jordan signing out over...........................? P.S. plz tell me............

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