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Filesize: 26.94 MB
Submitter: Navigator
Author: Leonardo Andrade
Version: 1.0
Downloads: 6221
Views: 30357
Rating: Avg. User Rating: 8.98639  with 147 votes
Math, physics and airplanes. Featuring a 50's-style VO narration.

3-January-2007 3:00 pm
Username: Mikko J Virtanen
Comment: Absolutely amazing.. during the calm informative part explaining how thw wing works, I just had feeling that something impressive is up to come.. Then suddenly a massive and the most impressive part of the video began.. I'm amazed and that's something!
18-June-2006 4:16 pm
Username: Guest User
Comment: lol, and so?
17-June-2006 6:00 pm
Username: pilot77
Comment: The wings are curved for lifting the airplane, If the wings weren't lifted the plane would have no lift at all.
14-June-2006 4:18 pm
Username: Guest User
Comment: 11/10 amazing video. Just amazing. The music to. Can you tell me just one secret? Who is the artist of the music theme?
25-May-2006 11:48 am
Username: Guest User
Comment: AMAZING!!! Im very proud be brazilian. Congratulations Navigator!!!
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