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Posted by: Jon Dec 29 2005, 01:50 PM
In addition to the information above, the following tips will ensure easy transition of articles and tutorials into the Knowledge Base:

1. Please use the "Upload IMG" button for attaching screenshots and other pictures - don't use the "Link IMG" button. We want all images to be hosted by our server, otherwise we could see dead image links in the KB when an external server hosting an image goes down.

2. Please limit screenshot sizes to 800px wide if possible. We plan to address this in the future with automatic resizing.

3. The more information the better, but try to avoid rambling. laugh.gif

4. It is helpful (but not required) to add keywords in a separate post in your topic. Keywords are used to help the search function point users to relevant articles. Try to think of keywords that are not used already in your article. For example, an article about a 747 might have good use for the following keywords: Boeing, jumbo jet, airliner.

That's it for now, if anyone else has any suggestions feel free to post them or PM me. If you're ready to post your article or tutorial, (or click the New Topic button).