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Flying GPS Direct

Ever wanted to take the easy way out and let the GPS find your destination for you?  Well here's how to do it!

First pull up the GPS by clicking this button:


Then click on the Direct button:


Then click once the bottom-right arrow on the jog dial:


The above step activated the blinking cursor in the Select D> Waypoint screen.

Now simply type out the 4-character airport identifier using your keyboard.

Now click the Enter button three times to set this as your destination:


That's all you have to do if you just want to fly yourself using the GPS just as a guide.  If you want the airplane to follow this new GPS Direct route on autopilot though, before activating the Navigation (NAV) function on your autopilot, be sure to flip the GPS/NAV switch to GPS:


That's it!  This will make navigating point-to-point with the GPS painfully easy, so don't forget how to navigate on your own! wink.gif

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