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Flight Simulator Knowledge Base .: Tutorials .: Graphics Tutorials .: How to Capture a Screenshot

How to Capture a Screenshot

  • Hard way - using Windows XP

While in the sim, press the "Print Screen" (or PrntScrn on some systems) button. The captured screenshot is now on the Windows Clipboard.

Exit the game, fire up Paint (Start/All Programs/Accessories/Paint), and click Edit/Paste (or just use the keyboard shortcut CTRL-V).

Click File/Save As and choose JPEG in the File Type dropdown list. Choose a folder to save your screenshot in, type a filename, then click Save.

  • Easy way - using ScreenGrab

Download ScreenGrab (many other programs with more features are available, but we chose ScreenGrab because it's free and and easy to use).

Install ScreenGrab and launch it (Start/All Programs/ScreenGrab). Change settings to match the screenshot below.

Leave JPEG quality at 80 (or you may run into size issues when uploading the screenshots to FS2004.com).

We recommend ALT-Z for a capture key because it's easy to get to on the keyboard (you don't want to be fumbling for the screenshot keys and miss the screenshot of a lifetime!).

Screengrab screenshot

Now the program is ready to use! Always launch ScreenGrab before starting FS2004 so it'll be ready to save your screenshots. By default screenshots are saved to C:Images. Whenever you press the screenshot key (ALT-Z or whatever you chose) a screenshot file will be created and saved to that folder. The coolest thing about using a screenshot program instead of the standard Windows XP PrintScreen method is that you can take screenshots over and over without having to leave the game!

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