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Coming soon: Flight Sim X! Screenshots, features, the announcement, and more information may be found here. Official release date is Christmas 2006.

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Flight Simulator Knowledge Base .: Official Reviews .: LEVEL-D 767-300ER (with Free Bonus DVD)

LEVEL-D 767-300ER (with Free Bonus DVD)

My CFI jokes about flight simmers who "dream of saving the lives of everyone aboard a modern jet airliner by safely landing the plane" when the flight crew is somehow incapacitated. "They just don't realize how complex the systems are," he laughs.

Whether a Flight Simulator enthusiast could land a real airliner or not is a matter of speculation, but the point about complex systems is certainly not up for debate. So then, which FS2004 add-on does the best job of recreating the complicated systems on a modern jet aircraft?

user posted image _____user posted image

Take a look at what was said about the LEVEL-D 767-300ER:
    "The best simulation there is of this popular
    airliner and arguably, the best procedural
    simulation of any type available for Flight

    FlightSim.com Armchair Aviator Award
user posted image

Comments such as the one above are not limited to awards presentations, and what's even more important is what the users think. The following statement perfectly sums up what the LEVEL-D 767 user base has been saying for quite some time now:
    "The functionality of the systems is incredible,
    and in general it is one of the most realistic
    and complete airliner simulations a development
    group could possibly make right now. The total
    realism in the package is just amazing."

    Duramus, FS2004.com
I tested Flight 1's new CD release on three computers, saving the best PC for last and using the highest settings possible on that phase of the test.

user posted image

Leaving the frames unlocked for the test, I was able to get anywhere between 20-to-50 FPS depending on the view. I also had my AA and AF maxed out. This was on my fastest system. On my mid system with medium settings I got from 15-30 FPS, and on my low system with low-to-mid settings, 12-20 FPS.

Flight scenarios are provided with the software so that you can start your flight at the gate, "cold and dark" in order to enhance the realism.

user posted image

Once you purchase the 767 you'll want to download the many paints available for free off the Level-D web site. The software ships with the house livery and Varig, as shown below.

user posted image

user posted image

There are plenty of voices and sounds to keep you amused for ages, and you won't feel so alone in the skies when you hear the call outs in the cabin. You'll be accompanied by your First Officer, if you so choose.

user posted image


user posted image

user posted image

Take the F/O seat for a change and better familiarize yourself with his/her job for an added sense of realism. It just feels different not being in the left seat...

user posted image

Especially when you're here:

user posted image

Systems include IRS, Hydraulic, Electrical, APU, Fuel, Pneumatics, and Cabin Pressurisation (not to mention the fully-functioning FMC with DIVERT, HOLD, SIDS/STARS Approaches simulation and creation, VNAV logic, Cost Index and Reduced Thrust Management.

user posted image

Flight 1 has finally made it convenient for users to install and later move the software to another computer (for instance, when you upgrade hardware) by leaving off the copy protection this time. PLEASE respect them for respecting us. Do this by rejecting any offers of pirated copies, and buy a legitimate copy with the included Check Flight, Systems Poster, and more.

'Nuff said.

You'll enjoy the 80-minute bonus DVD that is included in the package. Watch as the flight crew plans the trip from the Situations Room, then look over their shoulders as they push back, taxi, take off, cruise, and finally land the 767. It's the kind of detail you'd get if you had permission to fly with them on the flight deck, and it's free with the Level-D 767-300ER!

In summary, if realism is your aim, then there is no better choice than this, so if you only buy one add-on payware airliner I'd encourage you to purchase the Level-D 767-300ER.


user posted image

AMD Opteron 170 dual-core processor, 2GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT, 160GB Samsung SATA II HDD, WinXP Professional x64 Edition.

Mobile Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.8GHz, 512MB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5200, 40GB HDD, Win XP Home.

Intel Pentium 4 CPU 1.6 GHz, 384MB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX400, 40GB HDD, Win XP Home.

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Comment Fsimfan
12-31-2005 at 4:28pm

Excellent and useful review!
Excellent review, kewlceo. I thought including the results of testing on three performance levels of PCs was a great touch. It should prove very useful as a reference point for a wide spectrum of users whose PC specifications differ from one another.
Comment dolbinau
1-13-2006 at 8:13pm
Very nice :D!

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