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Flight Simulator Knowledge Base .: Official Reviews .: Flight1 Pilatus PC12

Flight1 Pilatus PC12

user posted image

First of all may I thank Flight1 and FS2004.com for the opportunity to test the Pilatus PC12. smile.gif

Test System 1
AMD Athlon 64 3000+ @ 1.2Ghz (300FSB * 4x Multiplier)
DFI LanParty UT nF4 Ultra-D
1GB Corsair PC3200 Ram @ 200mhz
Radeon X800 Bravo @ 465mhz core and 980mhz memory
Saitek X-52 Flight Control System

Test System 2
AMD Athlon 64 3000+ @ 2.4Ghz (300FSB * 8x Multiplier)
DFI LanParty UT nF4 Ultra-D
1GB Corsair PC3200 Ram @ 200mhz
Radeon X800 Bravo @ 465mhz core and 980mhz memory
Saitek X-52 Flight Control System

I received the Pilatus PC-12 in a nice DVD-style case, containing the CD itself. The installation process was an autorun and on the whole was easy to install.

user posted image

Following the opening screen I was shown the directory to which the installation would extract, allowing me to change it if needed. I was also reminded on that screen that I should ensure that the directory given is my Flight Simulator 2004 main directory.

user posted image

The installation was completed in a matter of seconds and I was prompted to restart my computer.

I now have installed:
Pilatus PC-12 Aircraft
User Guide
Configuration Control Panel

user posted image

The control panel contained settings allowing you to choose languages for the call outs in the cockpit, as well as options to improve in-game performance (albeit at a loss of image quality). I will revisit this further into the review.

user posted image

Also included is an interactive user guide. Parts of it are narrated and the instructions are very easy to understand. It gives thorough instructions for each stage of flight as well as a detailed explanation for operating the autopilot system and using the autoland feature.

The Aircraft - First Impressions

First impressions were very good. The first part of the aircraft to be seen was the 2D cockpit. It was clear that it had been worked on extensively, and held to a very high standard.  Note the ease with which you can read the numbers on the PFD even on this small screenshot.  Nice!
user posted image
The gauges are very clear, not to mention the sounds and call outs within the cockpit are very accurate.

Moving on to the Virtual Cockpit and Cabin, they were modelled very well - I noticed no major glitches in them whatsoever. The reflections on the windows were also a very nice touch to the whole cockpit presentation.
user posted image
The internal lighting is neither too weak nor too fluorescent, giving a very accurate and workable area to fly in.

I moved into spot view to have a look at the external model and I have to say it was outstanding, clear and crisp. The paint for this model is also very good.
user posted image

user posted image


On my test bed I had the following settings:
Anti Aliasing: 6x
Anisotrophic Filterising: 8x
Resolution: 1280x1024x32

Here were my FS9 Display Settings:
user posted image
user posted image

To simulate the performance of a lower-end system, I underclocked the CPU to 1.2Ghz.

Frame Rates

General concensus is that in Flight Simulator 2004 framerates 25 and above provide a high standard of gameplay, while 20 frames per second is still acceptable.  This graphic speaks for itself:

user posted image

For the quality of this addon package the framerates are unbelievable. Even with the processor running at a miserable 1.2Ghz, it was producing excellent framerates! The framerates remained well above the 25 frames per second that indicate a high standard of gameplay, which is an excellent breakthrough for this product considering its excellent quality.


On the whole, this aircraft is superbly modeled and very accurate. The flight dynamics are very well done, and the sound package actually sounds realistic! All this plus astonishing framerates has made this an excellent package, and I thoroughly recommend it. smile.gif


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