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Coming soon: Flight Sim X! Screenshots, features, the announcement, and more information may be found here. Official release date is Christmas 2006.

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FS2004 Tutorials

How to get the most out of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

article Add GPS to Any Panel
To add the Panel style GPS to your panel: do the following:1. Open the folder for the aircraft...

  12-30-2005    Views: 2060   
article How To Use Active Camera – A Quick Tutorial
MOVING AROUND OUTSIDE YOUR AIRCRAFT  If you've installed Active Camera, then on your FS Menu,...

  12-30-2005    Views: 21001   
article Flying GPS Direct
Ever wanted to take the easy way out and let the GPS find your destination for you?  Well here's...

  10-18-2004    Views: 7512   
article Multiplayer Connection Guide
1) Start up FS2002 or FS2004.2) Once you are in the main display for Flight Sim, click on...

  1-25-2004    Views: 1554   


category FS2004 Development (10)
Tutorials for aircraft modeling and repainting

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