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Flight Simulator Knowledge Base .: Glossary


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Global Positioning System
A system of satellites, computers, and receivers that is able to determine the latitude and longitude of a receiver on Earth by calculating the time difference for signals from different satellites to reach the receiver.

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International Air Transport Association
IATA Airport Codes are 3-letters in length and are used to identify airports around the world. IATA codes are losing popularity due to the increasing use of 4-letter ICAO codes. IATA codes are not unique - there may be more than one airport sharing an IATA code. This is not the case with ICAO codes. In addition, most GPS systems use ICAO codes.

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International Civil Aviation Organization
The ICAO 4-letter airport indentifier codes identify individual airports around the world. They are used in flight plans and other professional aviation publications to differentiate airfields.
The first two letters of ICAO codes normally identify the country; however, in the continental USA codes normally begin with 'K' and are followed by the airport's 3-letter IATA code.

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Instrument Flight Rules
A set of aviation regulations and procedures that define parameters for a pilot to control the aircraft without the assumption that pilots can see and avoid land-based or airborne obstacles. ATC assigns a minimum distance to maintain between aircraft and obstacles, termed separation. Reliance on radar and other non-visual methods of navigation are required.

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Internet Protocol address
The address of a device attached to an IP network (Internet or local area network). Every computer has a unique IP address for the network it is connected to.

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Visual Flight Rules
A set of aviation regulations and procedures that define parameters for a pilot to control the attitude of the aircraft by relying on what can be seen out the window (possibly supplemented by the instrument panel). A pilot flying under VFR is usually required to stay in areas where visibility is at least a specified level. Requirements vary by country. The pilot is responsible for avoiding land-based and airborne objects. Being in contact with air traffic control is optional in most airspace, and the pilot is usually allowed to select the course and altitude to be flown even when in contact with ATC.

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